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Almaraj Company for Oil Services LTD is one of the leading companies in Libya for general supply, providing good quality products from different sources for Libya's Oil & Gas sector needs. Moreover, we are able to deliver the ordered goods in a timely and professional manner, but with competitive rates.


General Supply

In corporation and partnership with a wide range of local and international manufactures, Almaraj Company for Oil Services LTD not only offers a one stop solution, but also provides high quality, competitive prices and guaranteed products for all Libyan Oil & Gas client's procurements and supply needs.

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Engineering & Projects

Almaraj Company for Oil Services LTD can deliver a broad range of engineering consulting solutions related to the Oil & Gas industry in Libya, moreover, we have good experience and knowledge to complete big or small projects (EPCC), as we have dealt with international contracting companies that have the ability to carry out any project.

Construction & Maintenance Services

Almaraj Company for Oil Services LTD is committed to provide professional, timely and cost-effective construction and maintenance services. In addition, the staff has good knowledge and experience (Engineers & Technicians) to do any kind of services on offshore & onshore sites.

Manpower support

Almaraj Company for Oil Services LTD can provide engineers, technicians, skilled and unskilled workers, specialists manpower, and team supply in a professional time, scheduled to our client's needs, in many fields, such as: Electrical, Mechanical, Instruments, Pipe holder and Welder. From different nationalities like: Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Europe & More...

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